...growing up on the other side of the tracks...

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train of thought...

Edward + Geraldine Siegel 1940's

A memoir/1960...my journey to heal past trauma + connect with my family roots. A visual expression reflecting the light of who I am. A wild at heart account of growing up on the other side of the tracks called the Village near the Bay Meadow Race Track in San Mateo, California.

I am the 7th child, born February 19, 1960, on the same day as my dad, who past soon after. Edward Siegel, my father, was a skilled artist and saddlemaker. I am fascinated with his art form and crave to know more about him. I grew up in the shadow of his death. I keep my father close to my heart at all times.

I was raised by my mother. Her family roots run deep. Both her parents lived very long life’s. I loved them so much. We were blessed with a huge family on my mothers side.

The journey is on my fathers side. I passionately piece together the Siegel family roots. Sadly, there is very little documented on my fathers side. Each little fragment I have found is like a shiny star lighting the way in the night sky.